‘This Seat’s Taken’: Top 12 Tweets on Clint Eastwood’s Conversation with an Empty Chair

Before Mitt Romney made “the most important speech” of his political career at the Republican National Convention last night, legendary spaghetti western actor Clint Eastwood warmed up the crowd. You would think that he would do the straight talk and tear up President Obama’s record over the last three and a half years. Instead, he had a bizarre, stammering monologue with an empty chair. Needless to say, social media is having a field day with Clint’s convention speech. You can watch the speech for yourself below.

Clint’s 12 minutes of insanity has conservatives, liberals and everyone else in between tweeting. Here are a dirty dozen tweets about Clint’s empty chair speech that will really make your day.

  1. Old Man Yells At Chair

  2. Dog Barks At Chair

  3. Gran Turdito

  4. Sad and Pathetic

  5. Go Ahead, Make My Chair

  6. Best Clint Eastwood Performance

  7. Brace Yourself, Invisible Chairs Are Coming

  8. Clint Eastwood Still Has Issues

  9. It Was Really About Obamacare…

  10. It Went According To Plan

  11. Mr. Chairman

  12. Obama Has The Last Word