TV’s Ali Landry & Kendra Wilkinson Join YouTube With Everyday Health

The London 2012 Olympics, although thrilling, have forced me to make a shocking realization about myself. I really need to go to the gym. From the lithe 100-meter runners to the Speedo-clad swimmers, nothing kills the old ego more than the Summer Olympics. It probably doesn’t help that I watched most of this weekend’s games positioned securely on a couch eating aggressive amounts of cheese/bread combinations. So, when Monday rolled around and I had finished my gauntlet of self-shaming known as “looking in a mirror,” I declared that it was time to get in shape.

At the time, my knowledge of fitness and health essentially included: one, push-ups are good, and two, that horrible pain in my side I get while running is probably normal. Luckily, I had recently caught up with Mark Koops and Jared Tobman, two-thirds of the television and digital entertainment company Trium. Koops and Tobman along with Eric Day have helped develop such television shows as “The Biggest Loser” and “American Gladiators” as well as a host of digital series and shorts.

Trium’s most recent contribution to the world of digital entertainment is the reason I feel so confident that my newly developed fitness obsession just might work out. YouTube channel Everyday Health, with over 12 million views, is quickly on its way to becoming the source of fitness and health advice. Everyday Health is a collection of digital shows dedicated to eating right, getting fit and living a healthier life. “We are using the equipment we have to create interesting content to inspire as well as entertain,” Koops told me in an interview.

Everyday Health currently features shows from legendary fitness coach Jillian Michaels and relationship expert Dr. Laura Berman. With many of the channel’s hosts originating on television, this step to digital television is a new and often liberating experience. Take “Around The Clock” host Kendra Wilkinson, who told NMR about her experience working in a Web format:

“The format is just totally different which is nice.  With my other shows it takes MONTHS to shoot them.  With the online show it is a lot more direct and to the point so we can knock them out faster.  The big difference is that with the online show I sit there for hours and talk about topics with other hosts, on my show I’m out running around living my life so it’s a little different. I have a blast!”

“Around The Clock” also stars television and film personality Ali Landry, who is also new to YouTube. Landry explained her interest in reaching a large audience and offering life advice: “Regardless of whether it’s on TV or online, it’s great to see content that promotes all around health in a way that anyone can benefit, anywhere in the world.”

With thousands of fitness channels on YouTube, Everyday Health is working on standing out with all around healthy lifestyle programming. This isn’t a channel dedicated to just shaping abs or healthy cooking. Everyday Health is hoping to change your life inside and out. “We want to continue to make content that motivates and inspires and also first and foremost to entertain,” Koop said.

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