Twitter’s Original Web Series to Give YouTube a Run for its Money?

Twitter is going beyond 140 characters for their  new web series.

While Twitter has been mum about the project, Ad Week reports that the microblogging site is in talks with Hollywood producers to create several web series that would put them in the media player realm of YouTube and Hulu. While it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing a dramedy of life working at the Twitter office, this new original series idea is akin to MTV hits like “The Real World” and “The Hills.” Not surprisingly, Twitter would be integral to the interactive discussion.

An industry insider told Ad Week that Twitter is going beyond its 140-character roots and working on changing how people share and consume media and entertainment. The insider said, “We’re talking about building content on top of Twitter. That’s a big deal.” In essence, Twitter’s looking to use a page from YouTube’s current playbook of appealing to high-profile advertisers and producing original channels.

My wild guess, if the Twitter goes for “The Real World”/”Big Brother” route, is that you’ll probably have seven strangers in a house but get suggestions from Twitter about where to travel, what their jobs will be and who gets kicked out. Twitter will probably use their sponsored tweets section for sponsors to initiate conversation or promote the heck out of the web series.

It’s natural for companies to branch off and experiment with projects that are not necessarily their domain. Facebook has successfully gone from being a digital yearbook of sorts to becoming an influential information source. YouTube’s evolving from promoting user-generated content to becoming a web version of Hollywood.


Will Twitter go off the reservation by going Hollywood?

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