Vimeo Announces Partnership With File-Sharing Service Dropbox

One of the biggest problems for digital video creators is the difficulty associated with uploading their videos. Long upload times can derail a project, especially if it is a longer-form digital video like the kinds found on Vimeo.

Today, video-sharing site Vimeo announced that they would be partnering with upload and file-sharing site Dropbox. Because Dropbox’s specialty is quick upload times, Vimeo creators can now bypass the long upload times typically found on most digital video sites.

“Integration within Dropbox is something our community wanted for a while,” said Vimeo CEO Kerry Trainor. “This is another tool for them to upload and share their videos with friends and family, or the rest of the world.”

The Dropbox upload option will work similarly to connecting your account to Facebook or Twitter. Users must simply connect their accounts together and a “Vimeo” folder will be created on Dropbox. From there, users can upload videos automatically or manually.

This new Vimeo feature doesn’t come as too much of a surprise. Vimeo has always put innovation and easier use first when it comes to developing their applications.

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