YouTube Announces Intro and Outro Editor For All Video Playlists

Last week, in an article about increasing engagement on your YouTube videos, NMR stressed the importance of creating “calls-to-action” at the beginning and end of your videos. These annotations and interstitials can help you in a number of different ways.

First, they can remind your viewers about your brand and give them shortcuts to your other social media outlets. Secondly, they can act as a way to create one cohesive viewing experience, especially when watching playlists. If viewers are able to seamlessly transition from episode to episode with the use of interstitials, it would increase your channel’s overall view time.

YouTube announced today that they are making the process of creating intros and outros for your YouTube videos much easier. The YouTube playlist editor now features a “+ Introduction” for all playlist videos.

After clicking the + Introduction button, a window will pop up and allow you to record an intro right from your webcam.

YouTube is also allowing creators to skip the video-recorded intro to just create text-based interstitials. Creators are also able to add royalty-free music to the intro videos and monetize from them if they are at least 15 seconds long.

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