YouTube Channel BAMMO Introduces VFX Production Show “Weapons of Mass Production”

YouTube’s first supergroup, BAMMO, after a somewhat lethargic start are at last hitting their stride. BAMMO’s original programming initially focused around shows hosted and starring YouTube celebrities such as Mike Diva, MysteryGuitarMan and the since exiled DeStorm Power. Now, possibly in an effort to respond to the popularity of their VFX-driven content, it looks like BAMMO is making a run at production tutorials.

With original web series “SYNC” offering behind-the-scenes installments that individually average in the 20 to 30 thousand views range, it seems that VFX tutorials have become BAMMO’s primary traffic drivers. It looks like BAMMO seems to have recognized this trend and are now looking to appeal to that audience with the addition of two new VFX workshop shows.

Not much has been disclosed about “5 Minute FX,” except that it will star a “seasoned industry pro” who will create VFX works from user submitted 5-minute video clips. “5 Minute FX” will air on August 7, 2012.

BAMMO’s second series “Weapons of Mass Production,” hosted by VFX expert Kevin Good, will offer film production tutorials for aspiring filmmakers on a budget. The first episode of WOMP aired on July 31 and dealt with picking the best paint for arguably the most valuable weapon in any VFX artists’ arsenal — the green screen.

We caught up with the host of WOMP, Kevin Good, to talk about what people should expect from his new show and BAMMO’s possible turn towards VFX production tutorials.

How did you first get set up working with BAMMO? What do you plan to bring to their roster of channels?

Kevin Good: On a bit of a lark I did a camera review video.  I’m a huge camera/production nerd, and I felt that most reviews you see are pretty slow and could give more good information in a shorter amount of time.  So really it started with trying to do something concise and informative. I love writing comedy and doing sketch comedy as well, so that just worked its way in there and seemed to work out.  It did really well online. At the time, I was pitching Mike Rotman from Bammo a show called But he really liked the camera show and we immediately started discussing it as an exclusive Bammo show.

As a VFX expert, what can people expect to see from”Weapons of Mass Production?”

Good: There will be more camera and gear reviews, as well as some more technique-oriented things.  But the bottom line is that they can expect whatever they ask for. Our goal is to pull the episode topics straight from the comments and try to help figure out the stuff that viewers are most curious about. We can’t do everything, but when a certain topic/question reaches a ‘critical mass’ in the comments, so to speak, it will almost certainly get made into an episode.

Are you going to be focusing on practical effects or just all digital VFX?

GoodWe’re wide open (and won’t just be focusing on effects, but also getting good picture, sound, etc.) in terms of topics.  We’re veering towards the digital side of things because that’s where the industry and our viewers are, but we definitely have some ideas for show concepts based on practical effects as well.

Will your show help creators without a ton of money or resources who still want to jump into the world of VFX?

GoodThat’s what the show is all about. We’re constantly trying to find out good, cheap ways of doing things. Amazing things can be done on a shoestring if you understand your limitations.  A lot of this show is about finding out what those limitations are and what you can pull off.