YouTube Channel GirlsGuideTo TV Is Cosmo For Generation Y [EXCLUSIVE]

Since its inception, YouTube has been a bit of a boy’s club. Regardless of vlogging pioneers like LisaNova, Lonelygirl15 and iJustine, the recipe for a successful YouTube channel typically involves a male element. As the YouTube landscape evolves and grows, the need for more female voices is becoming blaringly obvious. Luckily, starting August 8th, YouTube channel GirlsGuideTo TV will supply YouTube audiences with a much needed strong, honest and relatable female voice.

Developed for YouTube by digital video network Big Frame and advice website, GirlsGuideTo TV is an open forum for advice and conversation for the 20-something female generation. Big Frame’s Talent Manager and a pivotal member of the GirlsGuideTo TV development team Rachel Skidmore described the channel to NMR:

“We are talking about everything from relationships to love, careers, self, some pop culture stuff, taboo topics; I mean, it is just a place where women can talk about anything.”

Pulling questions from popular women’s advice site, the team behind GirlsGuideTo TV is hoping to introduce the sites audience to a new YouTube platform. “We have being seeing a lot of our demographic moving towards video, so it just seemed like a natural next step for us,” founder Brette Borow explained in an interview about the new channel.


With YouTube’s reputation for male-driven entertainment, GirlsGuideTo TV must shake off many of the stigmas that come with a channel centered on women’s advice and entertainment. “I think that the Internet is traditionally male dominated for whatever reason. That is naturally going to be reflected on YouTube,” said Co-founder of Big Frame Sarah Penna while explaining the disconnect that female YouTubers sometimes feel from the format, adding “for on-camera personalities it is harder for a woman because the comments are really mean and misogynistic and it is harder for women to put themselves out there.”

More and more people are going to YouTube for advice every week, and GirlsGuideTo TV is looking to bring positive, sincere advice to women. Penna explained the team’s ultimate goal for the show saying:

“We are hoping that this show will be empowering with candid conversations that women can have in a safe space.”

GirlsGuideTo TV’s first episode is out now and already the comments are positive. One viewer writes “Women sharing experiences, being honest, giving their own opinions, and weighing in on topics. This is why I am so excited for these!!” You can check out the first episode of GirlsGuideTo TV at their YouTube channel now.

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