YouTube Creators: If You Aren’t Using Pinterest You Should Be

It looks like Pinterest isn’t just for flourless chocolate cake recipes and pictures of wedding dresses anymore. Back in April, Pinterest added video “pinning” functionality to the social media site’s interface. While many initially stayed away from video pinning because of legality disputes, there has been few reported copyright issues.

A quick Pinterest search of any of the top YouTubers yields almost no YouTube videos from that actual talent. After searching for “RayWilliamJohnson” on Pinterest, I found four pins with only one actual RayWilliamJohnson YouTube video.

Of course, YouTubers want their videos to be primarily viewed on YouTube instead of Pinterest. However, that shouldn’t mean the digital pinning site should be ignored.

Pinterest is the third most popular social network in the United States and has over 10 million users. Pinterest is also reported to engage and retain audiences 2 to 3 times better than Twitter. That means that people will be following the links attached to your pins, and in this case, that means your YouTube channel.

Thousands of companies are currently using Pinterest to drive traffic back to their sites and blogs just as you would with Twitter or Facebook. Here is how you can use Pinterest to get more eyes on your YouTube channel.

Know The Numbers

The majority of Pinterest users are between the ages of 25 and 54, which is around the same age demographic of your average YouTube user. If 81% of Pinterest users are in that similar YouTube age range, they will also probably be interested in visiting your channel.

Pick The Best Thumbnail

If you have the ability to pick the thumbnail that will accompany your YouTube video, make sure that you pick an image that will translate well to the Pinterest feed. Hundred of thousands of images are uploaded to Pinterest daily, so make sure your thumbnail sticks out. If you are one of the unlucky that cannot pick their thumbnail, use the best image available to you while keeping the Pinterest board in mind.

Organize Everything

The best practice for showing up in Pinterest searches is good organization. For example, NMR’s Pinterest account has separate boards for infographics, musicians and articles. To help drive more traffic you your channel, stick to tagging your pins the same way you would your YouTube videos. You can tag key words by putting a # in front of them like you do for hashtags on Twitter.

Brand Your Videos

If you want people to follow your pinned videos back to your channel, make sure that everything you upload has intros and outros that promote your channel. If people are interested in your pinned video they will instinctively want to see more, and your branded video should always show them where to find it.

Keep It Simple

Like I said earlier, as a creator you want people to watch your content on your YouTube channel. If you give away your entire video on Pinterest it doesn’t encourage people to visit your YouTube channel. Upload clips or trailers to Pinterest, and make sure people know that they can see the rest at your YouTube channel. Use Pinterest simply as a way to drive traffic to YouTube and not as a replacement for YouTube.

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