YouTube’s Funniest Next Comic Competition Winners Announced

Sixteen comedians worldwide won their spots in the YouTube Next Comic program, including NMR friends Jason Horton and TheWingGirls.

YouTube Funniest Next Comic is one of the many programs by YouTube that identifies and helps emerging stars improve their production skills. Winners receive mentoring from the guys at College Humor and Glozell. In addition, the Next Comics get $5,000 worth of video equipment and $10,000 in promotion costs.

“The competition was open to anyone who does comedy videos on their YouTube channels, and we had an overwhelming response from up and coming comedians from across the world,” a YouTube spokesperson told NMR.

In addition to Jason Horton and TheWingGirls, the other 14 Next Comics are: ZekeMahogany, iSekC, SteveGreeneComedy, dicasp, IFockingHateThat, thekloons, Drcoolsex, SeanKlitzner, Sawyerhartman, DashieXP, petergilroy, MalumTV, Clisare and Jayfluent.

On his win, Jason Horton told NMR:

There are no shortage of talented comedians in YouTube. To even be considered is an honor to me. To be one of the 16 winners? I’m stoked beyond belief!

 Excited to see some familiar faces, and to check out awesome channels I just became aware of!

Congratulations, Next Comics. May you make us laugh for many videos to come!

As for those who couldn’t squeak in, check out YouTube’s creator calendar for workshops and events to get your videos from chuckling to hilarious!