YouTube Gets In The Game With Their New App For The PS3

If you’ve been trying to find a way to get kick your Playstation 3 Netflix addiction, look no further than the console’s new YouTube app.

YouTube’s blog announced the release of the free app today for North American users, which you can find in the Playstation Store. One interesting feature found on the PS3 app is a real-time search engine where YouTube suggests videos for you as you type. What’s even more awesome is that your smartphone is your remote for watching YouTube videos. Search the video you want on your smartphone and select it to be shown on the big screen.

Here’s how you can get in on the YouTube action through your PS3: once you’ve downloaded the app from the Playstation Store, go to login and settings. When you’re there, go to and enter the eight digit code shown on your screen. Let PS3 do the rest, then watch MysteryGuitarMan and the 3 Golden Sisters as much as you like!

YouTube will likely face stiff competition from other video apps featured on the PS3. Other video apps found in the Playstation Store include Netflix, Hulu and Sony’s own video store where you can rent and download movies.

Overall, the new PS3 app will be a plus for YouTube viewers who desire a more television-like experience and for creators because they now have another channel for sharing their YouTube content.

What will YouTube conquer next? Let us know below!

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