YouTube Motovlogger M13 aka Mordeth13 Burns Rubber with NMR [INTERVIEW]

I am going to be completely honest here. When I was first asked to interview motovlogger M13, I had no clue what exactly he did. Hell, I didn’t even know what a “motovlogger” was. After shooting some emails back and forth with M13, I was still unsure on whether his girl-chasing, adrenaline-spiking, sometimes NSFW style of vlogging was a perfect fit for NMR. I walked the fence like this for a while until one fateful email exchange.

M13 and I were going back and forth on setting up a time for a Skype call when, much to my surprise, he informed me that I needed to work in “how hung” he was into the interview and then told me that the answer was “very” — something he would like to share with our readers, especially our female ones. It was then that I knew we had to talk to this guy, because whether you like his in-your-face attitude or not, M13 is a one-of-a-kind YouTuber.

Take his latest YouTube upload titled “Hot Girls, Jealous Boyfriends, and Motorcycles!” for example. In the video, M13 approaches an attractive young woman on a motorcycle but is detoured by her boyfriend. He then spends the rest of the video waxing poetically about guys hitting on women. Oh, he is also doing this while riding a motorcycle around a track. The last minute or so of “Hot Girls” switches from M13 on the track to a stage full of scantily clad women dancing to techno. It is a M13 video after all.

As one of the most subscribed vehicular channels on YouTube and the #1 motorcycle channel, M13 practically invented motovlogging.  Now, filming from Taiwan, M13 continues to upload and deliver his unique voice to YouTube weekly. NMR caught up with M13 to talk about being YouTube’s first motovlogger, dealing with trolls and his previously banned-from-YouTube channel.

You are essentially a vlogger on a motorcycle; how did the concept for your channel come about?

I stuffed a camera into my helmet purely as a timer. I wanted see how fast my bike could go from 0-60mph. And on the way to the road, I had the camera on…and began to chat to the people on the forum that I had planned on posting the video to. They didn’t care so much about my times…but they liked the chatting and the scenery.

You have been on YouTube since 2006 (M13’s original channel was banned at one point). At what point did you realize that you had a serious audience for your content?

When YouTube was still fairly new, my original channel made it to 74th most subscribed in the world.

Why was your original channel banned?

There was a company that offered some support/sponsorship and then went back on their word. It was the first time my videos were going to earn something, and then they lied and I got nothing. I made a video about it, and their company was flooded with spam and hacking to the point they had to shut down their website and refuse new orders. They threatened to sue YouTube, and YouTube shut me down without even asking my side.

How has your life and your video content changed over the 5 years that you have been active on YouTube?

My life has changed immensely. YouTube is by far the greatest blessing that has ever come into my life (sorry, son). My content…..hasn’t changed much. I’m still the same guy.

When you find a video that does exceptionally well, do you try to create subsequent videos with the same theme? How much influence do views have on the content you put out?

Views have a big influence. I enjoy challenges and stats…so I try to stay aware of my numbers and expand on what works.

How do you deal with negative comments on your videos? You respond to a lot of those comments on your sites. Does that negativity ever get to you? Does it cause you to change the theme or type of content you put up on your channel?

I enjoy painless arguing. The kind I do with my wife is painful…so I enjoy responding to trolls. Plus, with trolls you always get the last word and therefore “win” the argument…thanks to the “block” button. Trolls are dumb. Although negative comments about my riding have made me rethink putting up some of my track-riding videos.

Your content  ranges from videos of your infant son to videos about Asian girls liking angry sex. What is the intended theme of your channel, and why do you choose to cover so many different genres with your content?

I treat my YouTube channel as a best friend. One who I’d discuss anything and everything with. So as a result, it consists of anything that has relevance to my life.

On both your channel and your website, you let your audience in on the most intimate details of your life, like your marriage and child’s life — why do you choose to be so transparent with your audience? What do your family and friends think about it?

I’ve always been like that. An open book. I don’t hold things in very well. Luckily for me, my wife’s English is rudimentary at best. She doesn’t/can’t follow my videos. I’d be dead if she could.

What is the largest demographic of your viewers? Is that the same audience you wanted to originally reach with your content?

I find that it’s mostly young men with an initial interest in motorbiking that find their way to my videos. But I have viewers ranging from Harvard professors to radio DJ’s and all sorts. Originally, I only wanted large-breasted 20-year-old girls to watch my videos….but no such luck.

Why is your channel named “Mordeth13” or “M13”? What’s the meaning behind that?

Not much significance I’m afraid. Mordeth is a character from a fantasy novel I like. And 13 is my birthdate. I prefer M13 over Mordeth13, as I’m not as morbid now that I’m a father….or I try not to be.

What made you start leading and monetizing your Taiwan motorcycle tours? Can people on the tour expect the same kind of commentary that are found in your videos?

My viewers suggested I make a tour company. I went with it. Both my tours for 2011 and 2012 sold out. I’ll be doing 3 for 2013. I’m looking into buying a group bluetooth unit that allows me to talk to my tour guests. So yeah….they’ll have me jabbering away in their ears while we ride for 10 hours a day……should be hell.


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