YouTube & Online Video Dominating TV Screens Worldwide?: What a New Study Says

YouTube and other online video sites are changing how the world gets their entertainment. According to a recent NPD survey about online video, urban Chinese surveyed as the most online video-friendly group in the world, with users beating every other country on every device.

In the survey, 73 percent of Chinese urban dwellers watched online video through their desktop computers, blowing comparable countries out of the water when it comes to video delivery. About 70 percent of them also watched video through their laptop, and more than 40% viewed videos through their smartphones.

The study surveyed 14,000 users in 14 countries and detailed how people watch online video through PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets and other devices.

It also revealed another interesting statistic: 18 percent of the respondents from the 14 countries surveyed watch online video on television on a daily basis, and 25 percent watch online content on TV several times a week. Given the fact that TVs with internet access, Netflix, Hulu and AppleTV are on the increase, it’s hardly surprising that a significant percentage of the world relies on television to stream online video. Some countries, however, are still lagging in the online video trend — two-thirds of Indians still don’t watch online video.

Despite the significant increase in the number of people watching online video through television, the appeal of doing so is nowhere near being universal. Nearly half of respondents who don’t watch online videos through TV expressed no interest in doing so, and 30 percent said they don’t own such devices like a console.

NPD DisplaySearch Research Director Riddhi Patel said in his report, “Although results differ by country, the results imply that there is still a general lack of interest in viewing online content via TV. This can be attributed to usage of devices other than TVs to view online content as well as a lack of infrastructure and/or expertise to connect their existing TVs to the internet.”

Although many still lack interest in online content via television, that will likely change as viewers’ tastes change based on technology. The survey proves that no matter the device, YouTube and online video are the future of entertainment. The proliferation of online video-capable technology on multiple devices will make it easier for consumers to watch more YouTube. Already, YouTube is watchable on television screens thanks to apps for devices such as Playstation 3, and more such innovations promise to be available in the future.

YouTube creators can take note of this survey as a sign that producing content for television screens is a likely future. The world has different ways of watching online content and must widen their promotional net for maximizing viewership and interaction. They must promote their content anywhere and everywhere because viewers’ habits reveal that convenience is king.

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