YouTube Partner Program’s Margaret Healey Transfers to Google Fiber

After more than six years with the YouTube Partner Program, Margaret Healy is moving to Google Fiber to be a part of their business development.

She made the announcement on her Google+ page early this morning, thanking content creators for their work over the years.

Healy said, “I wanted to thank all you content creators for making work so fun for me and sharing your passion and creativity. You are on an incredible trajectory and watching you redefine the entertainment has been awe inspiring. I know I will continue to be amazed by the creativity and dedication of YouTube community. Keep changing the world!”

Top YouTube creators reacted on Twitter by wishing her the best of luck. Philip DeFranco tweeted: “Good luck with Google Fiber Margaret 🙂 If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t even be on YouTube these days. You’re the best!”

“What The Buck!?”’s Michael Buckley humorously tweeted: “YAY! Now we can just be friends and you don’t have to get annoying emails from me! Love you! Thank you for changing my life.”

Since the YouTube Partner Program launched in May 2007, thousands of creators have benefited from their share of revenue, with many of them earning six figure incomes. Recently, YouTube launched the Partners Reward Program, which generously awards partners that reach certain milestones like surpassing 1 million subscribers — a list that includes NMR friends Timothy Delaghetto, Smosh, Philip DeFranco, iJustine and Michael Buckley.

Not only has the YouTube Partner Program rewarded content creators with awards and money, they have also helped emerging creators through workshops and contests such as Next Creator and Creators On the Rise.

However, the Partner Program and YouTube faced criticism this May during the #saveyoutube movement when creators like Onision called out YouTube for scrubbing inactive accounts and lowering their subscription numbers. YouTube claimed that “these accounts had been inactive for years, were not linked to our more up-to-date and secure systems, and, well, nobody uses them” and said that they are working in the interest of creators, not against them. Healy was often at the forefront of addressing and solving partners’ concerns.

We wish Healy the best of luck at Google Fiber!

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