YouTube Senior Citizens: 3 Golden Sisters Offer ‘Italian Mother Advice’ on Kim Kardashian Sex Tape & More [INTERVIEW]

Whatever the latest scandalous tabloid topic, whether it’s “Fifty Shades or Grey” or “Twilight’s” Kristen Stewart cheating on her beau, you can be sure that the 3 Golden Sisters will be grinding their gears about it on their YouTube channel. Twin sisters Josie Cavaluzzi and Teresa Dahlquist, and their elder sister Mary Bartnicki, captured the attention of millions when they ranted about the infamous Kim Kardashian sex tape in their debut YouTube video. In an exclusive interview with NMR, the Italian-American sisters from the Bronx dished out sage advice, talked about the size of Ray J’s private parts and taught us how older content creators like themselves can make it on YouTube, along with their producers Andrew Schotz and Joel Samataro.

How did you ladies get your start on YouTube?

Teresa: Well, I read a book about how to do reality shows, so I produced a reality show called “My Son The Plumber” and when I sent it to LMNO [the production company producing 3 Golden Sisters], they got back and said “We love the mother,” which was me. I told them, “Well, I have two sisters,” and they wanted to meet my sisters. They came up with the name “3 Golden Sisters,” and here we are with our two wonderful producers that we adore.

Mary: Then we told them about us when they met us, and they thought we were hilarious with everything we were saying. It’s not hilarious, it’s true. What we do or what we say is true. We’re a happy trio.

Josie: Sometimes you think we’re fighting, but we’re not. We just talk loud, and we’re from New York.

Mary: We’re Italian.

Josie: That’s true too.

What developed soon after?

Joel: Andrew and I work with the company [LMNO Productions, which produces the series], and we came up with a schedule to talk about current events and it kind of just took off.

Andrew: The CEO, Eric Schotz, thought it would be a great idea to get them — we’ve done television — to try and conquer the web world. Especially with old people, we’ve gotten notice that they’re hard to relate to our younger generation, and they just don’t care. They’re funny, and YouTube is a great way to expose how great, how funny they are. We’ve got great response so far.

What do you think about topics like that Kardashian Sex Tape?

Mary: That was unbelievable.

Teresa: That was very honest too. Oh my God!

Mary: It was extremely educational.

Andrew: It’s never too old to learn. We brought them “Fifty Shades of Grey,” dubstep, things that the younger generation is obsessed with and follows and to see it in a different view. They have just a strong opinion as an 18-year-old or as a 25-year-old.

How do you ladies feel about your stage in life?

Mary: Being 80 is not the end of the world. It’s the beginning. I love every minute being 80! People say, “My God! You’re 80? Isn’t that the end?” No. The beginning.

Teresa: This has been one of the best years of our lives just being together, laughing and having these producers think we’re great. [laughs] We think they’re great too.

Joel: It’s their introduction to pop culture and what’s going on now. It’s their perspective, and they’re all really funny. Each one has their own particular opinion, and they like to express it.

Mary: We like to give good advice from way back for the younger couple and how to raise children. How to be happy is the most important thing because this generation, gee, everything angers them and they don’t know what happiness really is.

Teresa: What is it?

Mary: It’s not the material things. It’s about loving everybody and everybody loving you, enjoying your life. Happiness is self-inflicted. You make yourself happy.

Josie: The best medicine is laughter, and we want to make people laugh. We want to help them by laughing.

Teresa: We do it accidentally. We don’t think we’re as funny as people think we are.

Andrew: That’s the great thing about them. They’re real. None of this is scripted. Every time we film, they ask us the same question and they look up and say, “Were we good? Were we funny?” They don’t realize half the time how funny they are.


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