YouTube Unveils More Streamlined Channel Templates For Partners

It’s a busy week for YouTube creators. First, YouTube announced that they are offering tools to help creators make simple intro and outro videos straight from the playlist editor. Now, on the YouTube Creator Blog, they have unveiled several new streamlined channel templates.

The first of these updated channel templates is the Everything template. The new template is a mixture of the previous Creator and Network tab templates. The Everything template will look no different from your current default template; the only difference will be that now both the Creator and Network options will be available under the Everything template. Ideally, this hybrid template will make browsing through your content much easier.

YouTube has also created a new template for creators called Overview. The Overview template is exactly what it sounds like: a listing of everything that makes your channel great. The Overview template contains several “shelves” that display a summary of your channel with options like “Popular Uploads” and “Likes.”

Thanks to some fancy engineering, the Overview template will auto-populate “shelves” with videos that match the classifier you choose.

The Overview template is a brilliant new way for creators to showcase the videos that represent them the best. If someone stumbles on your channel, they are going to want to see your popular content. This new template makes displaying your best work extremely simple.

Are you using the new YouTube channel templates? What do you think of them?

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