YouTube’s Epic Meal Time Kicks Off ‘Shart Week’ (with Bacon)

Philip Defranco may be hosting The Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, but the high calorie meat mavens over at Epic Meal Time are doing their own thing starting today: Shart Week. What’s a shart, you ask? “A Shart is when you gamble with your underwear and you lose,” says Epic Meal Time host and creator Harley Morenstein in this week’s first installment. There will be five days of was-that-a fart-or-did-I-make-a-poopie-in-my-pants meals that would have even the most die-hard meat eaters and surplus calorie consumers screaming in horror. Today’s Epic Meal: Indian/Tex-Mex fusion Tandoori chicken tacos with tortillas made of curried bacon weaves. Shart-inducing indeed.

Martha Stewart be damned, Epic Meal Time is also taking their bacon-ridden YouTube steeze to the next level by also introducing their new iPhone/Android app in their latest installment. The game is a colon-killing take on the famous Fruit Ninja, where you fling high calorie foods into Morenstein’s mouth while ignoring the healthy vegetables and trying to consume the most calories for an epic high score. At this point, EMP most certainly is at the top of their YouTube merchandising game.

Having gorged myself to the point of bursting yesterday at the Orange County Fair (hot damn, that Texas Donut covered with bacon and maple glaze was amazing), the thought of consuming anything the lunatics at Epic Meal Time concoct is almost vomit-inducing…almost.

What do you guys think? Would you eat this Epic Meal creation? Got a favorite Epic Meal Time video? Let me know in the comments.

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