150 B Movies From Troma Entertainment Now Available to Watch for FREE on YouTube

You know Halloween’s around the corner when you find films like “Psycho Sleepover” and “Flesh Eaters From Outer Space” on YouTube for free.

Legendary B-movie production company Troma Entertainment announced to TechDirt that they have recently released 150 of their films on their YouTube channel, many of them for free. That means fans of such films as “The Toxic Avenger” will no longer have to scavenge through the $5 Walmart DVD bin to find their favorite low-budget horror flick.

While many of its films are free, “hits” like “The Toxic Avenger” will set a YouTube user back $2.99.

Troma has been producing and distributing films for nearly 40 years now, mostly in the farcical horror genre. Even though NSFW horror flicks from the 70’s to the present day are a significant percentage of their free YouTube fare, the new Tromafilms YouTube site also has several films starring horror legends Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff. If horror’s not your thing, several feel-good movies from the 1940s are also part of their 150-movie collection.

While Troma is not a household name like Warner Bros. or Paramount, their decision to offer a significant amount of their back catalog for free on YouTube signals that smaller independent film studios are willing to take cost-effective risks (Hammer Films recently did the same). It’s evident in the sheer number of production studios today dedicated to web content and short YouTube films. They’re hoping that ad revenue from streaming free video, as opposed to marketing and producing their DVDs, will keep them afloat in the future.

If you like your B-movie fare, check out a couple of films from the Troma archive right now. Just remember that they’re NSFW:


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