Find Work on Labor Day: 5 Videos that will Help you Land Your Job

Ah, Labor Day. It’s not just a day off — it’s also enjoying the last official moments of Summer before the weather gets crummier and the air gets colder. Raise a glass to yourselves for all the hard work you’ve done over the past year!

As for those who are looking for work, Labor Day is often spent looking and hoping that that opportunity would come sooner. Even though the job market has been slow as of late, YouTube and social media has made it better for young people entering the job market to prepare and to know what to expect. Here’s five videos that will help you as you find your new job.

1. Finding Legitimate Work

Most of the jobs you’re looking for at the moment are online. Craiglist is a gold mine when it comes to finding work, but always watch yourself when you find postings that are too good to be true. Other sites such as, CareerBuilder and will also do the trick. An even better solution is through something you’re already using — social media.

2. Writing That Effective Resume

When you’re writing a resume, you want to highlight the best qualities about yourself before your future manager grills you at the job interview. Remember to be bold, emphasize your best skills and make it sharp so you won’t end up like the 4,000 other resumes in the reject pile. Howcast gives a clever yet simple look at writing that effective resume.

3. Know About Your Job Interview

Why should I hire you? It seems like a simple question at first, but how you answer it will decide whether you get the job or hit the job boards again. Don’t let these questions ruin your job chances. Check this YouTube video to see how you can answer the frequently asked questions that employers ask.

4. Dress For The Occasion

Just as important as knowing the right answers to a job interview and being qualified for the job, you’ll have to dress the part. Of course, every job has varying degrees of formality, but remember one thing: It’s better to overdress than to underdress. These two videos get into the basics of what to wear for that big moment.

5. Always Think Positively

Even after hundreds of resumes wasted and a few job interview fails, you should never give up looking for your dream job. It really helps if you’re thinking positively. Without a good head to weather the storm, you’ll always be stuck where you are. Positive thoughts and a positive attitude mean a positive chance for that opportunity to appear. This TEDx lecture breaks it down further.