5 Videos From The YouTube Super Church To Save Your Heathen Soul

There are no shortages of heathens here at the NMR worldwide headquarters. Already, at least a dozen examples of sinful behavior have occurred while I was writing this sentence. We’ve got blasphemers, adulterers, gluttons, coveters, thieves and liars spreading their wicked propaganda across the Internet in the form of new media-themed content. Needless to say, we are in need of a serious spiritual revival.

When you’re staring into the eternal abyss of damnation and your soul needs redemption, there is only one place to turn. Beyond the golden gates of the Internet across the amber fields of 0’s and 1’s, there is a place where a lost lamb can find shelter. This place is a refuge for the godless reprobates and the sinful delinquents. This place is known as YouTube, my friend.

We need a huge dose of spiritual cleansing if we ever want to rinse our dark-as-pitch souls, so we’ve enlisted some of YouTube’s top holy men and women into the fight. The videos below represent our last chance at salvation — they are the very first NMR Super Church (queue lighting bolts, smoke machine and laser angels).

Pastor Rap-Back To Church Sunday

Kicking People In The Face Revival

Pokemon Power

Renewed Mind Is The Key

Gary Busey