6 YouTube Videos That Will Make You Question The Way You Eat

We go through our lives eating (at least I hope everyone does) all kinds of foods.It can be as simple as a hamburger at McDonalds or a lavish dining experience at The Providence in Los Angeles. But what if I told you that you might be eating certain foods improperly? I’m not talking about the complicated stuff either; you could be committing culinary faux pas with simple foods like chicken wings or even Tic-Tacs.

Here are 6 YouTube videos that will make you question how you eat from now on (and hopefully teach you some new dining techniques).

How to Use Ketchup Cup Properly:

How to (Properly) Eat Sushi:

How to Properly Eat a Chicken Wing:

How to Eat a Tic-Tac Like a Boss:

How to Eat Crab:

How To Separate Egg Yolks From White: