Moving On? 9/11 Tweets From the Comedy Twittersphere

On 09/11/2001, my mom woke me up to tell me a plane flew into the World Trade Center, and also “Happy Birthday.” That night, some friends and family went out with me to celebrate my 20th year on the planet. We were the only ones in town having a good time. The next year, my 21st, in Vegas, was even worse. I’ve never seen a major town so empty, and the strip clubs were downright depressing. Since most everyone else is so sad and I am happy, I always seek out some humor today. So for all of you out there who have birthdays today also, or just want to laugh, I present the funniest 9/11 Twitter posts I could find. For the rest of you, (fist raised in solidarity) I realize that you might find this offensive and that might just be the best thing about America: Your absolute inalienable right to be offended.

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