A Naval Officer’s Love Story Told in 22 Pictures [GALLERY]

 Losing all four limbs in Afghanistan by an IED was clearly traumatic for Taylor Morris, 23, a Navy serviceman from Iowa. However, some of the most traumatic events in life can turn into a beautiful love story. Photographer Tim Dodd documented that story when he photographed Morris and his girlfriend Danielle Kelly, 23, throughout their four-year relationship. Now those 22 photos have gone viral thanks to a Texas man who has followed their story very closely and compiled them into a romantic tale of sorts.

We see Morris in a pre-explosion photo grace his Navy uniform and him spending quality time with his girlfriend. However, while the first few photos show young high school sweethearts in love and a young Dodd on deployment, the rest of the photos capture Dodd’s painful rehabilitation and how the couple copes with this traumatic episode.

Morris explains to NBC’s “Today” show that the photos have been heartwarming for the millions who saw them: “Them telling what [the photos have] done for them personally has made us kind of want to share the story.’’

See their story below: