Acne-Ridden YouTube Artist Cassandra Bankson Gets Catwalk Gig at Fashion Week

If there’s hope for the many acne-ridden teenagers worldwide, it comes in the form of model Cassandra Bankson.

From these pictures, you wouldn’t have known that the 19-year-old model has lived with acne for most of her teenage years. She claimed on the “Today” show that she “was awkward” and didn’t fit in because fellow students bullied her.

Not to let the bullies take away her dignity, she taught young women in her situation how to put on makeup foundation to hide the effects of cystic acne.

Before guiding her viewers into putting on foundation, she describes in the video how her face, neck and back have been ravaged by acne. She adds: “It has been like this, and it’s gotten a lot better, but it’s still really, really bad. So that’s my biggest insecurity.”

In 10 minutes, Bankson transforms her acne-scarred face — which she claimed at that time that it was “a lot better” than before — to a flawless one.

Since uploading this 10-minute primer on YouTube nearly two years ago, Bankson has had a successful career as a YouTube celebrity and as a model. Her DiamondsAndHeels14 YouTube page talks about style, fashion, health, makeup and of course, living with acne. The YouTube channel has nearly 300,000 subscribers and more than 42 million views.

Her success culminates tonight as she makes her New York Fashion Week debut tonight for Boy Meets Girl’s spring/summer collection. You can watch live catwalk events from the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week by checking out NMR’s live stream here.

Bankson’s YouTube video and subsequent career transformed not only her face, but also a bad situation into something positive and resonating. If you’re curious about how Bankson’s 10-minute transformation, check out the video below: