Anthony Padilla Talks Smosh Games, Zelda And ‘Humiliating Punishment’

Oh Smosh, you won’t be happy until you conquer the Internet. In addition to their incredibly successful YouTube channel and website, Ian and Anthony (also known as Smosh) have recently launched an all-gaming channel — SMOSH Games.

Alloy Digital’s sibling show ClevverGames and Smosh have united to make Smosh Games an all-encompassing look into everything and anything under the gaming sun.

Smosh has developed gaming related videos for years now, including “Pokémon theme,” which arguably launched them into YouTube stardom. Smosh Games will feature news, trailers, reviews and debate all with that special blend of Smosh flavoring.

The channel launched this past Wednesday with the first episode of Smosh Action Gaming News Update Today, or SAGNUT — a recap show giving the latest news and events all from the world of gaming. Smosh Games also features shows “Super Mari Fun Time,” “Gametime with Smosh,” “Smosh Game Bang,” and “Gamer Nation.”



I caught up with the Anthony from Smosh to talk about Smosh Games and what they’re looking forward to playing in 2012.

With game commentary and game news making up a large portion of YouTube channels, how do you think SMOSH Games will stand out?

We have a great lineup with 12 videos a week, with each serving a very specific kind of gaming related video. They each have a unique spin on gaming videos, with the unique Smosh humor as an underlying tone.

What games are you guys currently playing?

We are playing a different game each week so we aren’t focusing on a specific game right now, but we’re excited to play all the big games coming out soon. I’m especially excited for Wii U, being the huge Nintendo fan that I am.

What games are you guys looking forward to coming out in 2012?

Assassin’s Creed III, Resident Evil 6, Halo 4, and of course anything Wii U for me.

What is your all-time favorite game?

Mine would have to be Super Mario World with Zelda: Ocarina of Time a close second! There are so many good games it’s always hard to rate my top favorites. 

Are you guys competitive when you play against each other?

Yes! We get very competitive, especially when there’s something at stake, like a humiliating punishment.

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