‘I Spit on My Brother’: Bad Lip Reading On His Super-Viral ‘Twilight’ YouTube Video [INTERVIEW]

Last week, Bad Lip Reading — the mysterious YouTube user who came out with his own interpretation of videos like Rebecca Black’s “Friday” and Michael Buble’s “Just Haven’t Met You Yet” —released his most awful lip reading to date. He’s decided to finally join the “Twilight” bandwagon in an attempt to interpret famous scenes featuring Edward and Bella Cullen.

Some highlights include the science lab scene where Bella tells Edward that she spits on her brother and then seems like she’s hocking a loogie. Now, I’m certain that didn’t happen in the movie; otherwise, it would have been some bizarre art-house B-movie rather than the gargantuan teen phenomenon that it is today.

Since Bad Lip Reading’s three-minute sendup of the “Twilight” series debuted a week ago, it has surged to nearly 8 million views. This is Bad Lip Reading’s most-viewed video ever, narrowly surpassing his Rebecca Black parody “Gang Fight,” the first video that catapulted him to internet stardom.

In an exclusive statement to NMR, the elusive YouTube creator wrote that the video had “gone nuts” and that he expects it to reach the 8-million mark later today.

He added:

“I really didn’t think it would do that well so fast. I just had no idea. I think I’ve gained almost 100 thousand new subscribers because of it too, which is crazy. I had thought about doing a Twilight video last year but was just so busy with other stuff; it was one of those ‘I”ll get around to it some day’ ideas. I have a lot of those. But for some reason, the end of August just seemed like the right time to finally do it. I’m not even sure why. Glad I did though.”

Bad Lip Reading guy always asks at the end of his videos what he should dub next. We at NMR suggest completing the Twilight series. Or perhaps he should try his hand at “Gangnam Style”?

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