Beyond The Trailer’s Grace Randolph On YouTube & The Problem With Hollywood [Video]

Pardon the cliché, but if any person working on YouTube right now deserved the title jack-of-all-trades it would have to be entertainment host and comic book writer Grace Randolph. With her hit YouTube channel Beyond The Trailer and as a host on Bleeding Cool’s comic book news show “Think About the Ink,” Randolph has quickly become a staple of entertainment journalism on YouTube. Carving a niche in the male-dominated comic and movie genres hasn’t been easy for Randolph. A certain negative stigma tends to follow female hosts working in “geek-centric” industries, and fans are never hesitant to let their opinions be heard. However, Randolph is making it work due in part to her authentic dedication to everything comics, TV and movies.

Budding YouTube network PMC Studios recently selected Randolph’s YouTube channel Beyond The Trailer to launch their new digital lineup. PMC Studios, which is part of the digital media company PMC (which owns,, and YouTube channel ENTV, among other properties) also represents past NMR features Kaleb Nation and Peter Rallis. Under the management of PMC Studios, Randolph is hoping to expand her channel and bring a more professional type of content to Beyond The Trailer.

General Manager of PMC Studios, Michael Davis spoke to us about signing Randolph saying, “PMC Studios is looking for high quality content creators with whom we can build solid and growing brands that will rise above the fray… And Grace Randolph is a shining example of this.”

We caught up with Randolph via Skype to talk about the problem with Hollywood, 3D Movies and the films she can’t wait to see. Check out the video interview below.

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