Everyday Health’s ‘Recipe Rehab’ Moving to ABC Television

While many have argued that YouTube’s 100-premium channel initiative has been lackluster in terms of reaching commercial success, one YouTube series has transcended the digital format and is on its way to network television. YouTube food and health show “Recipe Rehab” will premiere on nearly 200 ABC affiliates starting October 6.

Eric Day, Co-Founder and Executive Producer at Trium, told NMR about the move:

“At its core, the show remains the same: Two renowned chefs compete to make under one family’s favorite dish — and the family ultimate decides who did it best after a recreation and taste test  back in their home kitchen. So, Recipe Rehab is still all about making healthier, great tasting food more accessible to more Americans. Which is why we’re ultimately so excited about taking it to ABC: More platforms mean more people.”

“Recipe Rehab” is a weekly series that focuses on improving regular family’s favorite recipes with healthy alternatives created by acclaimed chefs Laura Vitale and Mareya Ibrahim. The ABC version of “Recipe Rehab” will also feature Vitale and Ibrahim in addition to chefs Tana Amen, Govind Armstrong, Calvin Harris, Candice Kumai and Spike Mendelsohn.

Day added:

“We have, of course, broken the show into definitive acts to accommodate commercial breaks and because we have more time in a half-hour format, we spend more time with our chefs and families learning the tips and tricks that might have been in How To clips on YouTube. Finally, TV allowed us to work in a bigger kitchen so we our two chefs compete head-to-head — which was a lot of fun!”

Global multi-platform company Trium first developed “Recipe Rehab” for YouTube and the ABC version in conjunction with health media company Everyday Health. Trium co-founder Mark Koops is the executive producer behind “Recipe Rehab” and helped develop the show for network TV.

“Recipe Rehab moving to network proves that we know how create formats that are relevant for online and television audiences alike,” noted Koops. “Recipe Rehab also tackles America’s obesity epidemic head on and offers healthier lifestyle options. As a company, we will always aim to develop content that not only has cross-platform potential but also inspires real change.”

Says Eric Day:

With the move to ABC, Recipe Rehab becomes a multi-platform resource for families concerned about eating better. They can tune-in on TV, subscribe to us on YouTube, search for us on Google. Whenever and wherever they need inspiration to eat healthier, we’re there.

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