Calling All Educational Video Creators: Enter Now To Become YouTube’s Next EDU Guru

Digital technology has made information accessible to any person regardless of social status, wealth or location. As technology becomes more and more sophisticated, the potential to find and absorb information will increase exponentially across the globe. YouTube’s Head of Education, Angela Lin, spoke to this saying “80% of the views of YouTube’s educational content comes from outside of the U.S. “

Already, thousands of teachers and students are flocking to YouTube and other video-sharing sites to create and discover educational materials on par with most academic institutions.

In an effort to support this new wave of educators and students sharing and learning digitally, YouTube has announced that they are on the lookout for exemplary digital educators. The YouTube and Kahn Academy contest will reward 10 content creators who are specializing in the field of education. If you are reenacting famous Civil War battles or just making math less horrible, YouTube wants to hear from you.

 The lucky winners will receive training and promotion from YouTube and a $1,000 B&H gift card to help with all of your production needs. A panel of YouTube and Kahn Academy educational experts will choose the “10 YouTube Next EDU Gurus” and a grand prize winner will also be selected by Kahn to win an EDU Guru prize.

When asked if digital educational technology was on its way to replacing traditional teacher student relationships, Lin told me:

“Both teachers and the interactions that take place in the physical classroom – learning about teamwork, confidence, leadership – are critical to a well-rounded educational experience. Video can be an amazing tool, augmenting what goes on within the classroom, as well as leveling the playing field for people who aren’t lucky enough to have the same access to amazing teachers. When used correctly, technology magnifies the human element in the classroom, empowering great teachers to be even better.”

Apply here to get a chance to become YouTube’s Next EDU Guru.

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