City Fires 14 Lifeguards for ‘Gangnam Style’ YouTube Parody [VIDEO]

What’s a better way to remember an awesome summer than filming yourselves dancing to a summer anthem and posting it on YouTube?

More than a dozen El Monte, California pool lifeguards jumped on the “Gangnam Style” bandwagon and made their own parody of the video that has been cited as the 5th most viral video ever. You can check out their video below.

 However, the City of El Monte didn’t find this low-fi video of lifeguards mimicking Psy’s dance moves inside their swimming pool funny and sacked 14 of the lifeguards this week.

In a statement to ABC 7 Los Angeles, a city spokesman wrote: “There was a clear unauthorized use of city resources and property, including the use of city issued uniforms during the making of this unauthorized video. The city maintains that it holds all employees to a higher standard.”

Basically, the lifeguards used city resources to make their video. Employers usually frown upon employees using company time and money for pet projects, especially if it’s attempting to create a viral video of their own like “Gangnam Style.”

Despite losing their jobs, the fired lifeguards aren’t backing down without a fight. A Facebook page in support of them has so far at the time of this writing 574 likes, and 443 people have signed the petition asking the City to hire them back on


Do you think these lifeguards deserved to get fired over filming a “Gangnam Style” parody on city property? Let us know below.