Deadline’s YouTube Channel Partners with Blayze for Weekly Channel Rankings [EXCLUSIVE]

This week, Deadline’s biggest announcement did not come from their top picks list but with the announcement that Deadline will now be partnering with Blayze as their new data provider.

Michael Davis, the GM of PMC Studios told NMR:

“We have a long and solid working relationship with Ben Smith and Blayze at PMC, and with his history, understanding and deep ties at YouTube it seemed like he’s a perfect foundation for a strong venture together.”

Founded by Ben Smith, the current CEO and a former YouTube executive, Blayze researches the demographics of an artist’s audience, and based on 15 different factors, helps artists identify their most loyal fans that are sharing and viewing their videos. Blayze then encourages artists to give homemade gifts of personal shout-outs, T-shirts or behind the scene videos that will build a strong, more personal relationship between artists and their fans. Starting this week with its new partnership with Deadline, Blayze will now be providing the data for YouTube’s weekly channel rankings.

Blayze CEO Ben Smith told NMR:

“Blayze is honored and thrilled to be working with Deadline Hollywood and PMC. Deadline and PMC is helping to lead YouTube and digital video to new heights, and we’re excited to join them in this venture.”

In YouTube news, this week’s most talked about video was the filming of the New York Red Bulls soccer star Thierry Henry’s tough side net shot. This video bumped up not only KickTV but also Redbull and the Major League Soccer video platform. According to Deadline, “Total views in the Google-funded channel universe dropped 3.3% to 75.6M, and the top 10 channels accounted for 51%” of those total views, and so it will be interesting to see the interaction between Blayze and YouTube’s top line up. With this partnership, we anticipate that  Blayze will continue to reach out to artists, performers and online personalities to create stronger and more personal relationships between YouTube’s most popular channels and their viewers.

Watch Thierry Henry’s viral kick:

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