Death Threat-Sending Troll Is Tracked Down By Blogger With Suprising Results

If you’ve been browsing the Web for a while, there’s no doubt that you have come across an internet troll or two. If you are one of the unlucky who have tangled with a troll to point of wanting to choke a fool, this piece of internet news is for you.

Leo Traynor, a political consultant and blogger out of Ireland was harassed on Twitter so relentlessly that he was forced to shut down his Twitter account. The troll responsible for Traynor’s harassment created multiple dummy Twitter accounts to hurl ant-Semitic insults and threats at the blogger.

After Traynor abandoned Twitter, the troll hacked his Facebook and sent “images of corpses and concentration camps” to his email, and even threatened his wife on Twitter, calling her a “whore.”

A week of that kind of abuse would send most people into complete madness, but remarkably, Traynor endured the troll’s abuse for over three years. The breaking point finally came when the anonymous troll sent a physical package to Traynor, which contained “…a tupperware lunchbox inside full of ashes.” Traynor went on to write at his blog, “There was a note included ‘Say hello to your relatives from Auschwitz’ I was physically sick.”

The internet stalker continued sending packages to Traynor that included dead flowers addressed to his wife with a message reading: “You’ll get home some day & ur b**ches throat will be cut & ur son will be gone”

Finally fed up with the torment, Traynor enlisted the help of “an IT genius” and tracked down the troll through his IP address. Traynor soon discovered that the address of the troll belonged to a personal friend and that the troll was “His 17yr old son.”

Traynor decided to arrange a meeting with the teenage troll and his parents “in a quiet and discreet location.” Traynor goes on to write, “I told them of how I’d become so paranoid that I genuinely didn’t know who to trust anymore. I told them of nights when I’d walked the rooms, jumping at shadows and crying over the sleeping forms of my family for fear that they would suffer because of me. Then it happened…”

The troll broke down in front of his parents, and Traynor and was restrained by his father after trying to leave the table. The troll explained to Traynor that is was “a game thing.” When the troll’s parents asked if Traynor wanted to take legal action, he explained, “I’m not criminalizing a 17 year old kid and ruining his future.”

Then in a move that will forever cement Leo Traynor as someone not to be fucked with, he told the troll:

” Look at me. I’m a middle aged man with a limp and a wheeze and a son and a wife that I love. I’m not just a little avatar of an eye. You’re better than this. You have a name of your own. Be proud of it. Don’t hide it again and I won’t ruin it if you play ball with your parents. Now shake hands.”

Is there anything better than internet justice?

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