English Teenager with Cystic Fibrosis Pleads for Organ Donations on YouTube [VIDEO]

An English girl living with cystic fibrosis is pleading to YouTube viewers to sign up for organ donation in a 3-minute black and white video.

Holly Pereira, 19, tells viewers that with her condition, which is a genetic disorder that affects the lungs, she only has a few years to live without a transplant. She says in her video that after being placed on the organ transplant list back in June: “Currently, 20 percent of my lungs are functioning and now I’m in need of a double-lung transplant.”

She elaborates that living with cystic fibrosis makes even the simplest tasks like climbing the stairs and getting up difficult because of her weakened lungs. Consequently, Holly is no longer attending college and is focusing on getting well. However, getting well through a transplant is difficult because she says that her weight and blood type may hinder a search in an already limited donor pool.

Holly ends her video by saying that even if her efforts to get a double-lung transplant aren’t successful, it would spur more people to take action and sign up for organ donation wherever they may be.

She adds: “If I can get just a few people to sign up to the register which in future saves lives, even if it’s too late for me, that would be amazing.”

Holly’s video has been part of a growing YouTube trend to bring awareness to life-threatening diseases like cancer, heart disease and in her case, cystic fibrosis. These videos bring a more human side to these terrible illnesses and encourage viewers to react to such causes in a quicker manner than other types of campaigns. Here’s hoping that many people in England and the rest of the world will take Holly’s call seriously and sign up as a donor.  If you want to become an organ donor in the United States, check out this website for information about becoming one in your state: http://www.organdonor.gov/index.html.