Enter Tumblr’s Next Artspace Artist Contest to Win $1k + More (Submission Details Inside)

What’s the difference between you and Picasso? Picasso didn’t have Tumblr to help him get famous — you do. Now in full swing, the Next Artspace Artist Contest is seeking out both artists and art lovers in a bid to find the next Big Thing.

Currently in its second round, the Tumblr-based contest, sponsored by online art dealers Artspace.com, is recruiting pieces from all different visual mediums (sorry, Beethoven 2.0) to battle in a peer-reviewed, social network deathmatch. Figuratively speaking, of course. The grand prize: The distinction of having an exclusive edition of your artwork repped on Artspace alongside the modern established greats. Oh, and you get a cool $1,000 in prize money that you can spend on wine and cheese.

How do you win? It’s simple: select your favorite piece of art, take it off your mom’s fridge, and submit a photo of it to http://nextartspaceartist.tumblr.com. Each week-long round will whittle submissions down to three semi-finalists based on the number of times Tumblr users reblog, “like,” or email the picture to a friend. Popularity counts in the early rounds (just like high school), but fret not, the ultimate winner will be chosen from the final three by a panel of Artspace experts.

While three photographers swept the initial round, the medium was excluded from round two in an effort to balance out the field (photography efforts will be back in for future rounds though). Currently up for voting are works in the form of collage, digital design, and acrylics. Also, there’s one guy, Kevin Champeny, who made a really badass skull out of 35,000+ tiny, hand-molded urethane flowers. “These pieces take several months to design, sculpt, mold, and cast. The construction process is a painstaking adventure of careful placement and gluing (super super-glue), that can take up to a month to complete,” he said, via the contest website.

The submission deadline for Round 3 is Friday, September 14th, at 5:00pm EST. Don’t worry if you miss it though, because anything after the deadline will be up for contention in the next week’s contest. The final submission deadline is September 21 (don’t miss this one!). Voting for the semi-finals will be October 1- 5, so get on your Tumblr and either submit some art or help make someone else famous (and then get them to give you some of that wine). 

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