Facebook Users Are Prime Recruits For Entry-Level Headhunters

Facebook is back to selling your personal information to marketers, but this time it’s for a really good cause: they want to get you a job.

A recent pairing with the France-based recruiting company Work 4 Labs has created a new niche sector in FaceBook’s arsenal that would allow you to completely avoid Craigslist when it comes to finding employment. And, mostly, you just have to be a good Facebook user.

In the days pre-Internet, the only way to find work was by looking at a newspaper. Once the technology rolled around, it expanded your searchability and hiring potential dramatically. Now that we’re into the Digital Age, the future of finding employment seems to be employment finding you. Imagine you post a status update on Facebook lamenting your inability to find a decent job until your garage-based, tech startup gets some seed money. Suddenly, an ad pops up from The Gap to announce that they’re hiring at your local mall. Not only that, but they want you specifically, and think you should apply. You “like” the Work 4 Us link on The Gap’s homepage, and two days later you’re showing up for your job interview. A scenario not too different than this one just occurred in Los Angeles when American Apparel used Work 4 Labs and Facebook to find all their new employees without resorting to the more expensive means typically involved in recruiting.

With roughly a billion interactive users a day, Facebook offers up an enormous talent pool of social media-savvy “potential employees,” and Work 4 Labs is reaping the rewards of getting to them first. With a network of localized career sites to back up their aggressive advertising strategies, the 70-employee company is generating finder’s fees in the millions.

Work 4 Labs, which just added $11 million in venture capital from Matrix Partners, is at the forefront of online hiring for entry-level positions in corporations of all sizes, everyone from UPS and Ben & Jerry’s on down to the mom-and-pop grocery store on the corner. Asked about the core differences between this new potential for Facebook, and an established professional networking site like LinkedIn, Stephane Le Viet, Work 4 Labs’ CEO, said:

There had been a total misunderstanding of how Facebook could be used for recruiting. LinkedIn is essentially white-collar and struggling like     crazy to go down-market. The bulk of recruiting is not for the kinds of jobs you’d use LinkedIn for. Facebook is a great complement to LinkedIn from that standpoint. Users can look for jobs with people who are in their Facebook networks to begin with.

If you’re curious about how you can find Work 4 Labs information online, just realize, if you’re on Facebook, there’s a good chance that, eventually, they’ll find you.

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