Frank Ocean Quietly Drops New Track Online, Tumblr Naturally Explodes

Singer Frank Ocean is dangerously close to becoming the lord of Tumblr. It feels like every time the 24-year-old musician goes on Tumblr the Internet grows closer and closer to consuming itself. Back before the release of his debut album “Channel Orange,” Ocean hit Tumblr with a post announcing that his first love had been with a man, which was followed by the Tumblr community collectively ripping out their hair in excitement.

In yet another Tumblr-imploding act, Ocean recently released a new track titled “Blue Whale,” which replaces the singer’s patented soulful crooning with heartfelt lyrics rapped over a synth beat. The mystery track was published mysteriously with no context or clues as to why Ocean released the song.

This secret release comes at the tail end of Ocean’s recent controversy after he canceled several European festival dates. The singer explained in a statement:

“Let me start by saying I feel like an asshole right now, but a tough decision had to be made in regard to my schedule over the next few months. The casualties of that decision include my appearances at upcoming festivals in Europe and my opening slot on the European leg of the Coldplay world tour. Sorry as fuck, I’ll be back if you have me.”

You can check out “Blue Whale” below, as well as the NSFW music video for Ocean’s “Pyramids.”



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