FREE Mobile File-Sharing Service Cloudee Available For Limited Time: Upload While You Can

“Free” is the Internet’s favorite word. From freeware to Pirate Bay to TBLOP, anytime the internet masses can score something that should cost them money but currently doesn’t, they are all over it like LOLcats on cheezburgers. And now, the masses have free Cloudee to nibble on.

Cloudee, a video-sharing service just released over the summer from the good folks at Boxee is now available for everyone (!) with both mobile phone apps and a new desktop version. The service, which was initially released as a private app solely for iPhones, has since expanded to include numerous iOS devices on Mac and PC, and boasts an improved functionality with Facebook and Twitter. And as they are currently running functionality testing on the new platforms, you get to upload all your wacky, dirty, silly, stupid videos for free.

Just so you know I’m not yanking your chain, the press release from Boxee reads:

“Since Cloudee is still in beta, new and existing users will continue to enjoy free unlimited storage. When we introduce premium accounts, all beta users will still have access to watch and share all their videos, but may be asked to upgrade to Cloudee Premium to keep uploading additional videos.”

Basically, this means that the pushers over at Cloudee are trying to get you hooked with a little “freebie” under the guise of “system testing.” Right now, there are no charges on uploading or storage, but expect that loophole to close soon.  Alright, Cloudee, I’ll bite, but when I’m breaking into your house to upload my content free of charge, just remember: you brought this on yourself.

In the end, I’m just curious because it seems that the potential for nefariousness is strong with this app. What’s to stop you from, say, creating a Napster-like collective of copyrighted material? Originally, Cloudee’s dad, Boxee had a partnership with a bit torrent site for downloading legal content, but they had to disable the function because too many third party black hats were utilizing it outside the established parameters. You can’t give a kid a pistol and expect him to not hold up the toy store.We’ll see how this all shakes out, Cloudee.