‘Gangnam Style’ Goes From YouTube Sensation to #1 on iTunes

OK, I know I’ve said this a billion times, but I will do my absolute BEST to make sure this is the last time I write about this. So now, apart from being a viral hit, signing to Scooter Braun’s label and becoming the 5th most viral video of all time, Psy’s hit single ‘Gangnam” Style has just hit #1 on the iTunes chart!

From what I understand, no K-Pop artist has ever achieved this feat in the U.S. until now. However, I really think that Psy’s success has a bigger meaning than we all think. It proves that any artist can use new media to successfully build a notable brand and gain attention in mainstream media.

Now comes the big question: do you guys think that Psy will continue to flourish in the U.S. market? Or do you think he will just be a “one hit wonder”?

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