Google Chrome Gets Lego’d On Its Fourth Birthday (Plus 4 More Lego Masters)

Google Chrome celebrated its 4th birthday the only way a 4-year old should — with Legos! Posting before and after photos to their Google+ account, the collective of five staffers hunkered down with 10,000 Lego blocks to create the five foot square rendering of their ubiquitous logo. Utilizing colored blocks of green, blue, yellow and red, the team over at Google blazed out the design in under two hours.

It was yet another building block (*cough*) in the burgeoning relationship between the two colorful companies. Earlier this year, Google Chrome and Lego partnered up on Lego Australia’s 50th birthday to create the digital world’s largest Lego set. The project, titled “Build,” utilized WebGL technology with Google maps, allowing amateur architects of all ages to build the unimaginable.

And back in 2008, artist Sean Kenney created raised brick Google logos to be installed in the the tech company’s New York and Copenhagen offices at the commission of Larry Page and Sergey Brin, both of whom were avid Lego-heads growing up.

In honor of the love-in, I’ve scoured the web to find the most awesome accomplishments in the land of Lego.

Nathan Sawaya, a professional sculptor/artist chooses to work exclusively in the medium. Working from commissions by individuals and corporations, Nathan builds whatever strikes his fancy from the more than 1.5 million colored blocks he keeps in his New York apartment. More of his work is available at

Sean Kenney strikes again with his 4-foot tall, 10,000 piece rendering of Homer Simpson. Kenney was the first of only 13 Lego Certified Professionals in the entire world. His nature designs are touring the U.S. through 2014.

Ryan McNaught, the only Lego Certified Professional working below the equator, works out of Melbourne, Australia crafting images familiar to his native land. I could have included a picture of some of that, but instead, since I showed Homer above, check out this promotional prop Ryan did for “The Simpsons Movie.”

Adam Reed Tucker works exclusively in architecture, recreating the world’s most famous structures, from the Seattle Space Needle to the Burj Dubai Tower. The only Lego architect with an actual architecture degree, here he has recreated Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterwork, Fallingwater.

And, of course, Legoland:

I think I’m going to have kids just so I have an excuse to go here.


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