Hitler, Pacquiao, And A Sailor Walk Into A Bar: ‘Gangnam Style’ Slowly Eating Itself [VIDEOS]

Jumping the shark: an American idiom used to describe the point at which something has run out of good ideas and thus resorts to gimmicks in order to continue.

On September 18th, 2012, the popularity of PSY’s “Gangnam StyleYouTube video has officially “jumped the shark.” What’s weird though, is that might just be a good thing?

No longer are people content to merely watch the diminutive Asian man hop around like he’s riding an invisible horse — they have to do it too. And what’s more, they’ve now begun to crossbreed the video with other popular meme’s and cultural signifiers.

It’s the new societal anomaly of viral videos spawning viral videos.

This bizarre aberration was perhaps first witnessed with “Two Girls, One Cup.” First there was the insanely popular taboo video. Then, somehow needing more, millions of people would tune in just to watch some stranger reacting to two girls eating a cup full of feces, vomiting on it, and then eating the vomit/poo. Unlike those viral reaction videos though, we now have no idea what new gimmicks the “Gangnam Style” phenomenon is going to employ in order to keep itself fascinated.

We’re through the looking glass, people. Here are four more videos, from Manny Paquiao to Vinny from “Jersey Shore” and Hitler, to keep us from doing anything productive:

Good work, Internet. (Jeff hands Internet a candy bar) You’ve earned it.