Hulu One-Ups YouTube With Sleek New Playstation 3 Application

Streaming apps on video game consoles seem to be all the rage right now. First, YouTube unveils a brand new app for the PS3. Then, the video-sharing site updates their often-troubled Xbox 360 application to the tune of mixed results.

Jumping right up on that bandwagon, Hulu has officially announced a new and revamped Hulu Plus app.

The Hulu Plus app, to date, has been one of the most successful applications available for the Playstation 3. Much of its success has been due in part to Hulu constantly redesigning the application for a better console-based browsing experience. To further add to that standard, the new Hulu Plus app features an interface that relies heavily on finding content through your viewing history.

The new app focuses primarily on recommending shows based on your previous views similar to Netflix’s “Recommended” category. The updated PS3 app also has a “Shows You Watch” feature that picks the correct season and sequential episode of any show you have been watching.

The Hulu app’s previously fragmented search options have also been redesigned now offering real-time search results instead of directing users to a new page. This allows users to stay in one place while finding shows, further adding to the ease and accessibility of the new application.

Hulu’s updated PS3 app will definitely set the precedent for clean and easy to use applications on consoles. But will that be enough incentive for sites like YouTube and Netflix to revamp their clunky game console applications? Or should they divert their time and resources to producing applications for the next generation of game consoles?

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