Hulu Plus To Smell What the Rock is Cookin’ In New Partnership With WWE

Hulu Plus, are you ready to rummmmmbbbbbble?

Hulu’s premium site, Hulu Plus, just got hit with the biggest folding chair on the planet. According to the Chicago Tribune, the WWE has just “inked” (their word, not mine  — I just sign shit) a multiyear contract with 1993’s coolest television pastime. As we speak, you can now stream your favorite wrestling programs right on your computer, so you’ll no longer have to worry about spilling Cheetohs crumbs across the carpet of your double-wide when you hobble over to “yeh tellyvizhun box.”

WWE’s “Monday Night Raw,” “Friday Night SmackDown,” “WWE NXT,” “WWE Superstars,” “WWE Main Event” and “WWE en Espanol” were all included in the deal, but strangely, the newly airing “WWE Saturday Morning Slam” was not included in the package. Initially, I thought this was because it would infringe upon a similarly-named show on “Denny’s” Hulu channel, but then I realized “Denny’s” has no Hulu channel.

New episodes will be available on Hulu the day after they air on “not-computer television,” so the wiser amongst you might be able to win lotto tickets off your friends by betting on the repeats.

Michelle Wilson, the WWE’s chief marketing officer, told Variety magazine: “We’re a content creator and what we need to do is figure out where our fans are going to view content and monetize it.” I realize that she is just “talking business,” but I’ve got that quote earmarked for my next book, “Things the Devil Says.”

The WWE has been airing old episodes of “RAW” and “Smackdown” on the ad-supported standard Hulu channel with enough success that they’ve decided to ratchet it up and taken it to the big house (that’s a wrestling colloquialism, right?) Long story short, if you’re the sort of person who loves wrestling and new media, you’re happier than a rat in a shithouse.

I think Hulu Plus’ only real misstep is in thinking WWE fans have money to pay for Hulu Plus.

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