iPhone 5’s Apple Maps FAILS: ‘The Amazing iOS 6 Maps’ Tumblr Goes Viral

Millions of iPhone and iPad users really wish Google Maps hadn’t left their devices —  but without that loss, this funny Tumblr would never have been born.

The “The Amazing iOS 6 Maps” blog lampoons many of the fails that have happened under Apple Maps, ranging from a lack of roads on an island to the awful 3D feature that must have been inspired by a Salvador Dali painting.

For instance, in the photo above, the Hoover Dam looks more like a downhill slope. Apparently, the graphics designers hired by Apple were either several credits short of graduating or actually painters. Not only does the new Apple Maps feature on the iOS 6 system scrap public transportation and get directions all wrong, it’s 3D features are so laughable that it can power a whole comedic blog. Instead of having the quality 3D rendering found on Google Earth, bridges in Apple Maps look like postmodern oil paintings, and buildings look like they’ve been bombed.

Apple should have invested more in mapmakers and graphic designers who had skills above middle school level.While Google Maps had its hiccups back in the day, it was never pilloried on Tumblr like Apple Maps is here.

If you’ve got a gripe against the latest IOS update, this Tumblr allows you to submit its most epic Apple Maps fails. So far, “The Amazing iOS 6 Maps” is a humorous gift that keeps on giving. Expect it to only grow over time until Apple gets their act together.

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