Livestream Scrubs Ads, Introduces iPhone App with Live Blogging Feature

Streaming-vide site Livestream will do away with online video ads on its revamped site.

Jessica Kantor, head of marketing and content at Livestream, tells NMR that removing ads will help enhance the viewing experience for creators and viewers.

She wrote by email:

“For us, pre-roll, overlays and banner-ads are a disruptive part of the video experience – both on the web and via mobile devices. We firmly believe that we will gain more as a company by creating a loyal, happy user base and providing them with all the tools they need to produce content for free, in a seamless, easy way.”

That feature and other tools, such as social media interaction and HD quality video, are available for producers on the “new Livestream” for free but they can pay $45 a month for unlimited archiving of their livestreams. While embedding is not an option right now, Kantor said that they’ll allow embedding videos for “new Livestream” users at a later date.

Also, Kantor said that the revamped Livestream includes an iPhone app for creators to “create a community” around their stream through live blogging, sharing through social media networks and of course, streaming events through their smartphones.

She adds:

“Posting takes merely seconds and enables users to create live feeds with text, recorded video, photo and live video broadcasting all in the palm of your hand.  The coolest part – producers can easily share their live broadcast as they are streaming it to alert their followers in seconds.”

Even though embedding is not on the “new Livestream” yet, its efforts to promote an ad-free experience and addition of more social media interaction options for creators and viewers will surely put them ahead of the competition.