Muslim Humor Doesn’t Bomb On Twitter #MuslimRage

Newsweek proposed that outraged citizens should take to the Twitter feed #MuslimRage to comment regarding the magazine’s current cover story of unrest in the Islamic people. It didn’t work out that way. What they expected were a torrent of angry comments from right wing nutjobs and Muslims, maybe a few frank declarations from the occasional scholarly type. What they got instead was pure hilarity. The hashtag was deluged with comments alright, but the majority of them, from actual Muslims, reflected not the rage that Newsweek had decided they felt, but rather a sort of comedic backlash at being pigeonholed and stereotyped by American media. As news of the uncoordinated stunt broke, it has prompted a new dialogue, an unintended one about stereotyping cultures we are unfamiliar with when maybe they aren’t so different after all. Out of the thousands of Twitter posts, here are some of the best:

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