MUST WATCH VIDEO: Chase Jarvis Documents Dolphin ‘Super Pod’ Encounter [EXCLUSIVE]

Here’s something you don’t get to see on a daily basis. Off South Africa’s Table Bay near Cape Town, a group of sailors encounter a super pod of dolphins on their boating trip. This stunning two-minute clip by Seattle-based photographer Chase Jarvis follows him, explorer Mike Horn and the rest of their crew as they ponder and photograph this rare moment in nature during their sailing expedition.

Horn says it all about their experience in the video: “Even after sailing seven times, 140,000 miles, this was the first real super pod I’ve seen. We were just standing there and all of us were dumbstruck and all of us had that massive smile. They’re not shy animals; they’re real animals that show off. Once you’ve lived that experience, obviously it leaves a trace in your mind you’ve marked forever.”

A rep for Jarvis told NMR:

Everyone was speechless and smiling. We continued to cruise at a solid -9 knots and they followed us. It was basically all-hands-on deck – lets capture this. Iphones, cameras, point and shoots, GoPros – everyone onboard was filming – whether or not that was their job.

As for getting a good shot of the pod of dolphins and editing them for YouTube, he says:

“Translating a moment like this is hard. The magic of these animals surrounding our boat – its very hard to get across. Erik Hecht, our video editor, did an amazing job of taking many different angles and formats of footage and finding the right music and quotes to convey it. It is still hard to really get the idea – but he did a beautiful job.”

Check the spectacle below (not the final version) and tell us what you think:

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