Must Watch Video: Just When Fruit Thought It Was Safe, Gallagher In Slow Motion

I grew up with a strange fascination for comedian/performer/fruit-destroyer Gallagher. As a kid, this strange mustached adult that got paid to run around and smash stuff enthralled me — he was doing my dream job. The crazy thing about Gallagher was that no one was getting mad at him for crushing watermelons into piles of goo. Whenever I smashed shit at home no one put on tarps and laughed. For years, he was the person I wanted to be, his was the life I wanted to live.

My desire to be like the fruit-crushing maniac slowly faded as I got older, and was replaced by more realistic career goals, like becoming a professional writer…wait for it. Something inside me still stirs whenever I see old Gallagher footage though. For me, destroying stuff just to destroy stuff made up almost everyday of my childhood — watching Gallagher takes me back to that time in my life.

So, when I saw this Vimeo post today I pretty much lost my mind. I could spend a few minutes trying to explain what is going on in the below video, but it’s probably best that you just watch it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go smash everything I packed for lunch into a fine pulp.