Must Watch Video: Nathan J. Barnatt’s ‘Obama Works… It’

YouTube comedian and dancer Nathan Barnatt is supporting President Obama’s re-election campaign to the beat of Two Door Cinema Club’s “Something Good Can Work.”

Dressed up in a suit, tie and Obama mask, Barnatt is jamming around Los Angeles and Santa Monica for his latest video “Obama Works…It,” which is sure to fire up the President’s loyal supporters in time for Election Day. His dance moves are impeccable, and the song accompanying the video blends well with the choreography and the scenery. Also, look to see whose appearance adds a bit of romance to the video.

Barnatt told the Huffington Post that this video was a “mild political statement” and hopes that Obama supporters would have a little more patience with him. He continues: “In my opinion Obama is something good and can work. He is in my opinion and lifetime the coolest president we’ve had.”

Do you think this video will inspire young Obama supporters? Watch below and tell us.

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