MUST WATCH VIDEO: Wires in the Walls’ ‘Tremolo’

Just remember who to thank when you catch this wave early and are jamming to the sweet sounds of this summer’s end before all your friends. “Tremolo,” the latest meditation from indie rock/alt-country musicians Wires in the Walls just landed on YouTube and is poised to catch on like the flu.

“Tremolo” is a musical term that describes the vibrations of a single string plucked on, say, a violin or guitar, which is apt in describing the sound and feel of this music video. Simple in scope and message, we get to follow a girl hula-hooping through the most beautiful day ever created. Filmmakers will appreciate the visual technique of the mounted hula-hoop camera, and audiophiles, the crisp lament of this generation’s Wilco. There’s even a gratuitous panty shot for the weirdos. Yup, Wires in the Walls have a little something for everyone; I dare you not to sing along.

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