‘Naked Emma Watson’ Could Ruin Your Computer

Why must they punish the awesome?
Suffering from a serious case of “being absolute dicks,” the people who create malware, viruses and identity-stealing websites have turned against us all by making “Emma Watson Naked” the most dangerous search item on the web this year. To put this in proper context, it is basically akin to finding out that Santa Claus has an inoperable brain tumor.

McAfee, a technology security company out of Santa Clara, California, has released their sixth annual “Most Dangerous Celebrities” list, and for the first time ever, the “Harry Potter” starlet finds herself with the dubious distinction of being at the top. Googling anything related to a search for Ms. Watson sans her knickers gives you about a one-in-eight chance of landing on a website that can do you and your computer serious harm, according to company statistics. Jessica Biel, number two on the list, is almost equally as dangerous.

This year’s list has shown a marked trend towards the Latina market with Eva Mendes (3), Selena Gomez (4), Shakira (7), Salma Hayek (9) and Sophia Vergara (10) all in the top ten. Rounding out the list are Halle Berry (5), Megan Fox (6) and the proof that many hackers still think it is 1993, Cameron Diaz (8). Jimmy Kimmel (13) was the only male to make the top 20.

The new list is a sharp contrast from 2011’s results, where supermodel Heidi Klum was number one and only Jessica Biel and Cameron Diaz made the cut both years. Biel, for her part, rose up four places from last year, while Diaz, doing her impression of the Titanic, dropped six.

This list highlights a trend of perhaps confusion amongst malware pirates in that searching for “Robert Pattinson naked” registered as perfectly safe. Also, headlines apparently don’t translate to danger because “Tom Cruise,” “Katie Holmes” and “Kristen Stewart” were all considered low risk.

In order to bring safer viewing to readers, I emailed McAfee’s head of media relations, Jaime Leigh Le, to ask her if she could recommend any “safe” websites for those risque Emma Watson photos. She must be compiling a pretty big list because she hasn’t gotten back to me yet.

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