For the First Time Ever, TVs Beat PCs for Watching Online Video

More people are watching streaming video from their game consoles and smart televisions than through their laptop or personal computer, according to a study by the NPD group.

The study points out the ever increasing popularity of consoles and televisions that have apps featuring YouTube, Netflix or Amazon Video. NPD reports that 45 percent of people stream online video programs primarily through their television sets or peripheral devices as opposed to 33 percent last year. People who watch streaming video primarily through their computer fell sharply to 31 percent from 48 percent last year. NPD questioned more than 11,000 people over two separate surveys for their analysis.

In a statement, NPD senior vice president of industry analysis Russ Crupnick said that online video is “maturing” thanks to interactive television: “Streaming video has moved from the dorm room to the living room; and, as more households obtain and connect TVs to the Web, we predict increased trial and engagement for video distribution services.”

The survey also pointed out that the rise of smart televisions with internet connections means that game consoles and other peripheral devices could become obsolete. Nearly a fifth of respondents said they watch online videos through their TV without a console or topbox. With these results confirming an evolution of online content, it’s essential for creators to make content formatted for television since most people watch streaming videos in their living rooms instead of their laptops.

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